About Our Company

who choose us?


In the days of horse-drawn carriages and wax seals, Signet rings and seals were used as the primary method of ensuring the authenticity and authority of a document.

In the same way, Signet Professional Services strives to be your source of accurate tax documents and accounting reports and the authority on small business bookkeeping and payroll.

We endeavor to provide our clients with Authentic Quality of the work we submit and Genuine Value of the services rendered.


Authentic Quality

What spells Quality to you?  We believe the talent of Signet professionals is displayed best when:

  • we provide you with tax documents and accounting reports that are timely and accurate,
  • we respond swiftly to your inquiries and issues,
  • we make ourselves available to give you personal & professional attention, and
  • we communicate clearly and concisely to you, our clients.

Our goal at Signet Professional Services is to be your chosen CPA firm and to be chosen by you because of our Authentic Quality.


Genuine Value

Signet Professional Services is not in the business of selling tax returns and financial reports.  We are in the business of delivering valuable services to our clients at a great price.  While the cost of our services may not be the cheapest in town, our goal is to assure you that the value you receive from the service we provide far outweighs the price tag.

Our goal at Signet Professional Services is to challenge the idea of “you get what you pay for”. Our clients get more than what they pay for.

Travis is responsible for the bulk of Signet’s operational tasks.  He’s been piloting the Missouri office since August of 2010.  He lives in St. Charles, MO with his wife and 3 children.